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We support DMSG Bundesverband e.V. - Fighting against Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

The DMSG, Bundesverband e.V. - founded in 1952 as an association of medical professionals, has a clearly defined task:it represents the interests of people who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS) and organizes their social medical follow-up.
The DMSG (German Multiple Sclerosis Society) with
federal Association, 16 national associations and currently around 900 local contact groups is a large and strong community of people with MS, their families and many dedicated volunteers and full-time employees.

The tasks of the DMSG federal association are: advocacy for people with MS, initiating and funding of research projects, coordination of research projects in the field of MS, information creation for the work of the national associations, publication of the magazine 'active', www.dmsg.de design of website and development of concepts for social-medical aftercare, as well as the representation to legislators and authorities.

[Source: dmsg.de (translated)]

most often understood as "muscular dystrophy", which is completely wrong. MS is an autoimmune disease that occurs more women (up to 50% more than men) in young adulthood. there is no known cure for multiple sclerosis. This disease occurs in the form of attacks. Stakeholders may then suffer several days or weeks with paralysis, speech disorders, muscle weakness, trouble with coordination, incontinence and other, more severe symptoms.

Relief of symptoms is achieved by the multi-day administration of cortisone. These damaged insulation of the nerve pathways in the brain, can never be recovered for 100%. Regular intake of medicine can help people to delay these relapses best.

JENNY LOONS want to support the work of DMSG Bundesverband permanently, because the men and women of this organization do a good job and invest a lot of strength to help people who are suffering from the "disease with thousand faces". From our heart, we are glad and happy to help, because it is important to explore how we can defeat multiple sclerosis. there must be operated educational work to overcome prejudices and to accompany people in their disease and to provide advice and assistance. Even for us, this is a major concern, because we are also affected by this disease.

In short, we want to give something back and our customers can do it too !

With every purchase on jennyloons.de and jennyloons.com (over 10€ and up, exclusive shipping rates) we will donate 1€ to DMSG automatically!

You wanna donate directly to DMSG, you can do it here (german only) !!